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We here at The String Source are on a mission to produce guitar string sets that make sense to all players.


The majority of the current guitar string landscape are grandfathered-in sets that, in many cases, simply do not make sense from a tension or tuning standpoint. How many times have you purchased a set of strings that felt fine on some strings while the others were simply a compromise? How many times have you purchased a 7 string set to get in the ballpark of what you needed for your 6 string guitar and then just threw away the high string? How many times have your purchased sets just to see if they were ok tension-wise only to find out they are not even close and that you just wasted $10? This was the life of a guitarist until now.


Need a set for Drop B on your 6 string with your exact tension preference? No problem.

Need a set for an alternate tuning with all strings balanced exactly like you want? We got you.

Use a drop tuning and always end up with a noodle on your low string? Not a problem... just select DROP SET on checkout and your set is perfectly balanced.


Once you find your tension preference, you can easily move to just about any tuning while keeping nearly the same setup on your guitar other than basic intonation... just note which level you like (SLT, LT, MT or HT) and then simply choose the set that accommodates you based on your scale and tuning. This is how things should be. You can stop compromising now. "

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