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I'm Eric Hill and I have a problem. I go down every rabbit-hole known to man. I research anything and everything I'm interested in, spend way too much time fussing over details nobody cares about, and just basically geek out until the geeking out possibilities are spent. If you are on this webpage... you might be just like me; you want things that are just... right. Not the same thing everyone else uses or likes but something that was fussed over and dialed in. 


In this case... guitar strings!

I've been a guitar player for about 25 years and a recording engineer for almost as many. I'm on both sides of the coin when it comes to guitar. I want strings that inspire me as well as the studio player. I want guitar strings that feel great. I want guitar strings to stay in tune and have long life so I'm not changing a set every hour in the studio. I WANT STRINGS I CAN PULL OFF THE SHELF AND KNOW THEY ARE IDEAL FOR THE PLAYER'S TUNING AND TENSION PREFERENCE. 

For almost 20 years, I'd been going down to the local Guitar Center or mom-and-pop shop buying strings off the rack like anyone else. I'd always stocked all the "normal" sets in quantity, in the studio, and then started buying expensive singles just to get things to stay in tune properly or work well in drop tunings. During this time, I realized that no matter which set I bought, there were always strings which were too loose, too tight or a mix of both and it got me to thinking... why the heck do all the sets feel "off". Drop sets? Forget about it. That was when I started digging deeper and looking into the tension each string is pulling and how to balance it all across the fretboard using simple (and not so simple) math. It was a eureka moment and from then on (over 7 years now) I've been piecing together my own sets from singles and dialing in sets based on tension and tuning that just feel... right.


All the stock sets seemed to have been grandfathered in over the decades rather than carefully set up to feel ideal for specific tunings or tension preferences. My small team and I plan to change the landscape in our own little way by providing top quality, nickelwound, hexcore, tension-optimized strings which are also optimized for your TUNING. We've gone with tried-and-true string formulas (nickelwound, hexcore, with locked ends so they won't unwind on you!) and no-nonsense packaging and shipping to keep prices more reasonable.

We want you to be able to easily decide which set makes sense for your tuning and tension preference, so each string set has preferred tuning/tension on the back sleeve. There is also a tension/tuning matrix page so you are not wasting cash on strings that just won't work for you. Each set also has a DROP SET which is tension-optmized as well!

Enough geeky crap... grab a set (or two or three :) ) and get to playing! :D

-- E.

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