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5.6mm Asymmetrical ERGO Pick in RICHLITE (R & L handed)

Bright but controlled. Excellent tactile feel.
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Product Details

5.6mm Asymmetrical RICHLITE Pick! (Right AND LEFT handed versions available)

These look, feel and sound great with an excellent, anti-slip grip due to the recessed logo and asymmetrical shape. These are made from RICHLITE which has a sound more similar to stone without the potential string damage. Bright but controlled. Excellent tactile feel.

-Limited edition 5.6mm asymmetrical ergonomic pick

-black richlite, matte finish

-sharp taper

-asymmetrical shape for excellent, more secure grip which gives your thumb more surface area

-excellent durability

5.6mm(thickness) x 28.5mm (length) x 25mm (width)

Design by Eric Hill @ The String Source

Hand made by our good friend Chris Aldrich (@dragonpicks) <--look him up!

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