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SOURCE TONE "Dragon Edition" Boost Pedal

Powerful and ultra flexible boost!
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Product Details
Brand: The String Source

The Source Tone Boost Pedal! FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!

-Second order high and low pass filters to pinpoint the clean boost
-DI blend to add back in direct signal to fill out highs and lows when necessary
-Clean boost
-True Bypass
-Internal bipolar power supply for very high headroom (standard 9v operation ONLY. Higher voltage may cause damage)


This guitar (and bass) pedal is a clean boost with 2nd order high and low pass filters as well as a DI blend. The idea behind it is simple… get your tone right at the source! (sorry, had to) 😃

Most boost/distortion/OD pedals on the market will add their own sonic imprint to your tone which means your amp will have an extra layer of distortion character you may --or may not-- want, making it sound less like the amp you love and more like the TS style pedal everyone else has. To some, this is exactly what they are after. To others, they simply use those pedals to clean up the low end and then compromise on the tonal additions.

If you want your amp to sound like a better version of itself… tighter, darker, brighter, etc… without having to compromise the core tone with another layer of sonic character, the Source Tone pedal will do it for you. Simply use the variable high and low pass filters to dial in or out the stuff you want or don’t want along with a unique DI blend to add back a little controllable girth or top end sizzle.

✅ For example, if you want to really clean up the low end of your Dual Rec (famous for being bloated in the lows) and want a little upper midrange snarl, use the HPF to roll out the lows while settling on a corner frequency that adds in that snarl you seek for definition, then add back in some DI signal to gain back some of the low end girth –exactly-- to your tastes. Clarity, snarl and thickness without any additional distortion character.

✅You can do the same with the high end using the low pass filter to get into darker tones or even jazzy solo tones.

✅Use both to tailor the high and low end and then use the clean gain to make your solos cut through the mix.

✅The combination of clean gain, low and high end tailoring and the unique DI blend have near limitless tonal opportunities. The options are only limited to the ways you can think of using it.

❤️You can stop compromising now. Optimize your amp's tone!

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